Flight of the conchords revisted – 2012

I recently downloaded the Flight of the conchords,I remember watching it years ago and as much as I thought it was funny I never really appreciated how funny the show is until I took the time to watch each season.

Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement’s humour is dryer than an arabs sandal,not only do they play the sarcastic card beautifully,they also play and write the songs for the show.

The idea sounds terrible,two Kiwi guys move to america to make it as folk band,to help them make it they work with another Kiwi(Murray) who works full-time at the Newzealand embassy and has no band or life experience,the end result is outstanding.

The humour is so subtle that unless you follow the story and take an interest in the characters, a lot of the jokes go over your head,this I think is what makes the show unique and brave,I can just imagine an american producer trying to recommend some cliché comedy characters to reach a wider audience,thank god the makers stuck to their guns and comedy principles

Jermaine and Bret have been offered a deal for season three,as yet the guys have not had the time to create the material,not only do they have to write the script,they also have all the songs to write,more recently Jermaine received rave reviews for his parts in Dinner for schmucks and Men in Black 3,Bret has recently won an Oscar for writing the best original song for the movie, The Muppets.



Flight of the conchords quotes –

Landlord: I’m going to give you a month to pay me
Bret: Can we pick which month?
Landlord: No


Dave: You guys seem a lot cooler today. Usually you guys wear clothes from the  70’s.
Jermaine: They’re not from the 70’s, they’re from New Zealand.
Dave:  Isn’t that the same thing?
Jermaine: Similar I suppose


Bret: Did you use protection?
Jemaine: Yes, but only on my penis


3 thoughts on “Flight of the conchords revisted – 2012”

  1. FotC is so wonderful. It doesn’t hurt that they used to film in my neighborhood a ton and you can even see my apartment building in one scene. I would love them regardless.

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