Gone bald ? why not get a tattoo …

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If you have already gone bald and are not into having an Elton John or Wayne Rooney operation there is a new alternative.

– Wayne Rooney’s not so great but expensive hair implant –

As a man who suffers from a lack of hair growth, I can honestly say it has never bothered me,at the age of 19 when it started to run away down the plug hole,I did have that dreaded feeling,but as soon as it was shaven off I came to accept my fate.

I have never been interested in ever going down the wig or implant route,I have to say I would be tempted in the look above,I shave my head everyday and the horse shoe is not an attractive look,I will leave it a few years and as long as there is no people dying from this treatment I may look to seriously consider it!


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5 thoughts on “Gone bald ? why not get a tattoo …”

  1. Hi KO, my forehead has been getting higher more and more as I age but I haven’t minded. I started to shave my head as well to help with a skin problem. Shaving it every second day lets me get the medicated shampoo on better and my scalp is clear on skin blemishes. Besides bald is beautiful, it’s sexy. As for tattoos, I’ve got my fair share as well. Each has a reason for being on me. They’re not just for biker dudes anymore. Tattooing a hair image is certaintly a different idea for sure. I’d pass on it.

  2. I dont have an issue with being bald,I just want rid of the horse shoe shadow,after seeing a few bad examples of the tattoo option I dont think I will be going down that route after all,does your medicated shampoo help with the shadow ?

  3. I rotate between PolyTar and Neutrogena T-Gel both which are good for dandruff as well. For a quick mild shampoo I use original yellow J&J Baby shampoo. Regardless what I’m used I get a shiny dome. The PolyTar gives the shiniest or to quote a brother “a Turtle Wax sheen”. So yes they hide the shadow.

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