Teresa May wanted for being a fascist! The UK conservatives

Photo: Fascism - a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Fascism – a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.


Campaigning for our “right to a family life – Article 8 of the ECHR
Theresa May, Home Secretary, is trying to break up our families!!! Under the new UK immigration rules, we must earn a minimum of £18,600 if we want to sponsor our non-EU spouse, £22,400 if we want to sponsor our non-EU spouse and 1 child and £2,400 for every extra child. Non-EU immigration through the family route accounts for 3.33…% of net immigration into the UK. The government pledged to red…

uce immigration to the 10’s of thousands, this figure is unachievable, immigration is likely to rise as the EU collapses, as EU citizens have “free movement within the EU”. Non-EU countries continue to grow rapidly and the UK is not attracting foreign investors from Asia, America, Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and middle eastern countries as they are imposing rules which discriminate the citizens of such countries. Theresa May, Home Secretary, is branding chinese tourists as a security threat, pathetic! They make a huge contribution to our economy, fact! Non-EU students contribute to our economy and society by becoming very skilled doctors, teachers, businessmen and women etc. My advice to non-EU “don’t invest in a country with a racist government, invest in each other” THESE RULES HAVE BEEN DEEMED UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL BY THE COURTS!!!
Two regional public meetings on family immigration rules are coming up - one in Sheffield, 25 Sep - 7pm, and one in Glasgow, 28 August - 6pm. Check Migrants Rights Network for more info...
The people who are being ignored and tortured by these rules –
Ok, this really pisses me off. Why cant they freaking tighten up the benefits system because it’s stuff like this that leads to anti-immigration views and hence creates problems for those who just want to be with someone they love and not with an eye on making money from the system!   Maybe a cap on how long you can claim benefits for..especially if you have lots of family here, then they can bloody look after you and not all taxpayers!
emailed the home secretary Please can you answer my questions as to why even though I am a British citizen I am forced to live in Tunisia now as I fall into the 40% of the population which earns less than £18600 a year something you probably have never had to experience on your wages that I pay for as I work for a British Tourism company and still pay taxes in the UK. I am engaged and plan to marry my Tunisian fiancé yet we are trapped here because of the selfish draconian measures you have introduced. What right do you have to take away my rights to marry who I want and bring them home? I pay my taxes I am not in a council house. I wait with interest to see minimum wages raised to a level on par with this level as to me this is definitely discriminating against the low earners. even if I earned nothing he still cannot claim benefits so could never be a burden on society. It seems all you are interested in is the rich, if you have money its ok to do what you like. Shame on you.. I hope these rules are over turned by the courts and scrapped.. whilst the country struggles you are busy breaking up families, dictating who we can marry and live based on figures over a 1/3 of the population cant meet. Money does  not justify the sincerity of a relationship, the fact we want to come back and contribute to the UK economy and society should be more than enough. Used to be proud to be a brit now I see how racist my government truly is underneath the glamour of the saving face and making money opportunities known as the Olympics. Guess you made your mark in the history books right?

Families who are forced to live apart –

Photo: Let's get some real people and faces behind all of this. If you don't mind putting your photo up, please upload a photo of your Brit/non-EEA family. Let's show real people and how it will affect us. 

The Sawada family

Lara (British), Jun (Japanese), Aya, Joe

Current location: Tokyo, Japan

Current employment: Jun is the main earner

Photo: The Aoyama family

Laura (British), Yusuke (Japanese), Hannah, Luka and baby on the way

Current location: Gunma, Japan

Current employment: Yusuke is the main earner



Photo: Brits Against Family Exile (BAFE) The Khalil Family

Katie (British) Hamada (Egyptian) Omar and Ali

Current location: Katie in England, Hamada in Egypt

Current Employment: Hamada is the main income earner.

We are mid application for a new visa for Hamada but as his English exam (for which he needs the paper) doesnt fall until the end of July, we will be screwed because our income doesnt meet proposed criteria. Heart breaking times lie ahead for us if this law is  carried.


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