Top ten best actors of all time !

Daniel Day Lewis

In the name of the Father – My left foot – Gangs of New York –

I first clapped eyes on him in ”My left foot ” at a young age I remember thinking he must be a disabled actor,there was not a shed of doubt in my mind,when ever I see him now he kind of makes me feel the same way,I know he is an actor playing a part but I have to remind myself every time I see him,If I was an actor there would be no one I would want to work with more than this guy.

He rarely works but when he does there is no one better in my opinion.

Tom Hanks

Forest Gump – The Terminal – Road to perdition – Cast away – Philadelphia

Possibly the nicest man in Hollywood,having fallen in love with him as child in Big, he has become known as Mr dependable,he has that all round likeability factor matched with outstanding acting talent.

Tom also has that very rare talent of being able to make serious films as well as comedies.

Robert De Niro

Goodfellas – Jackie Brown – Casino – A Bronx tale – Cape Fear – The King of comedy – The Deer hunter – Taxi driver – Raging bull

When looking at his highlights I realised that he has not made a decent movie for over a decade,he has lent his name to some poor projects in this time,previous to that it was hard to fault this great actor.

Jack Nicholson

As good as it gets – A few good men – The postman always rings twice – The Shining – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Jack is the ultimate cool guy,guys want to hang out with him and the girls want to bed him,he has shown great range over his career and will leave this world as a legend.

Clint Eastwood

Gran Torino – Million Dollar Baby – Unforgiven – Escape from Alcatraz – Dirty Harry – The good, the bad and the ugly – A fistful of dollars

This great man is 82 years old and after starring as the first real action hero, he has spent his retirement directing fabulous movies such as J Edgar and Mystic river.

Al Pacino

Two for the money – Carlito’s way – Scent of a woman – Glengarry Glen ross – Scarface – Dog day afternoon – Serpico.

I am not a fan of the Godfather but I am a fan of Big Al,he brings so much life to all of his characters,this is clear in his early work but you can still see a glimmer of it in his latest stuff.

Giovanni Ribisi

Avatar – Flight of the Phoenix – Lost in translation – Boiler room – Saving private Ryan.

He is a lot younger than the rest, but his performances are explosive,he has more range than a lot of the other actors on this list and in time he will go on to add many more classic titles to his name.

Leonardo DiCaprio

J Edgar – Shutter island – The Departed – Gangs of New york – Catch me if you can – The Beach – Titanic.

I think when Leo first hit the big time with Titanic, it seemed to take time before he was taken seriously as a leading man,not that he was bad in that movie,he just seemed to appear on more teenage walls than directors wanted list,now days he is one of the best in business and has a reputation of always delivering,he is also happy to go beyond his comfort zone for the right part.

Harrison Ford

What lies beneath – Six days seven nights – Clear and present danger – The Fugitive – Patriot games – Regarding Henry – Witness – Blade Runner – Star Wars – Indiana Jones.

I think Harrison has been very clever with his film choices,the movies that made him a big name at the box office were the exact movies he stayed away from when it came time to show what he was capable of,when I think about actors who can take me along on a journey of emotion and action,there aren’t to many that come close to Mr Ford.

Paul Newman

Road to perdition – The Sting – The Colour of money – Cool hand Luke – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

A bit like Tom Hanks,this guy just beamed likeability,in most of his roles he always showed never before seen levels of cool, matched with a stinging rant if the role required it.RIP



11 thoughts on “Top ten best actors of all time !”

  1. I like both of those guys but Cusack has only really been in two classics in my eyes,High F’ and the Grifters,George Clooney is good but I think he makes too many commercial movies,thanks for your comments.

  2. Very good choices. Ribsci is such a good character actor. I’d swap out Harrison Ford for Jimmy Stewart then everyman that Tom Hanks patterns his abilities after.

  3. If you set it based on the actor having to star in 3/4 classic films it kind of narrows the market,Leo is not my fav but he has, and is creating a nice little list of films to his name

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