A 60 second interview with Lisa Maria from Wedding concepts.(Wedding organiser) UK

How long have you been organising people’s weddings ?

I’ve been organising bride and Grooms weddings since 2007

How do you cope with the pressure of creating the perfect day for the bride & groom ?

I work very well under pressure, im very well organised and make sure that everything that is under my supervision will happen and happen smoothly.

What is the question most commonly asked by brides  ?

Should I have white chair covers because my table linen is white ? Not necessarily…your stood next to the chairs more than your sat having you wedding breakfast, it is personal choice which works well with your chosen sash

What would you say has been the strangest question you have been asked ?

Lol How many diamantes will be sprinkled on the table ?????

What would you say is a common mistake made by couples when organising a wedding ?

Booking certain things 3 years before their date, without a written confirmation of having the choice of changing styles, fashion changes all the time and things can be booked early but some companies keep you to what you have booked if there a reputable company they shouldnt have a problem with you changing your mind to another one of their products

Cover Photo

What was the first song you and husband danced to ?

Be my lady ? by……Freddie Jackson (Check that thou lol)

And Finally…

What is the most overrated and underrated product to have at a wedding ?

Overrated is accessorizing too much in a room with the little things like butterflies, they don’t need to be everywhere showing something little still looks effective instead of drowning the room, underrated runners they add colour to your tables and breaks up the clinical look with the table cloths


Lisa offers Wedding services in the West midlands and Worcestershire area.



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