Dredd 3D (2012): Movie Review – a reboot-a-full success

Let’s face facts here; comic book hero movies have taken a massive step forward in the last 7-8 years. Especially after Batman Begins, the direction has somewhat stuck to the tracks they were meant to be riding. The stories are darker than ever and the attentions to details are so true your left wondering if these worlds really do exist.

So after the 1995 comic book comedy! Things can only get better for Dredd? Right!

After this movie when anyone mentions Stallone playing Dredd, there will be a pause of thought and the answer will surely be, “did he?” This will be your go to place from now on when we talk about Dredd. To be honest I was going to give this a pass at the cinema on the grounds of the first train wreck and that I am not the biggest fan of 3D. I’m so glad that I did watch it now, it was a huge improvement. Karl Urban takes up the mantel of the Judge himself and puts in cracking performance of sinister loathing of people who break the law. It’s about time they started giving us 18 certifications movies again. The violence on show here with the 3D effect is very creative, at one point you’re left wiping the blood of your own face. The leading woman in this movie are fantastic also, the Judges Side kick (Anderson) play by Olivia Thirlby is one tough character and believably so. For me the outstanding part goes to the badass character Ma Ma, played by Lena Hedley, she is one of the nastiest pieces of work I’ve seen in a while; she would give any man a run for their money when it comes to evilness.

Of late movie have been a little on the disappointing side. I didn’t look at the run time once while this movie was playing though because whole experience doesn’t allow you to turn away for a second.

I wish they would make the cup holders 3D though, trying to replace you drink on the persons knee next to you never goes down to well.



One thought on “Dredd 3D (2012): Movie Review – a reboot-a-full success”

  1. My friends and I liked it too. One of the best uses of 3D in action movies for awhile. Yes the look at the watch, the tell of a dragging movie.

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