Headhunters (2011): Movie Review

This movie had rave reviews, as most subtitles films do. The reason being is that they make you sit down and give 100% of your attention. More than not, you do get sucked in and taken to place unfamiliar to the western eye. Scandinavia is a region that’s sure has some dark stories to be told, which makes for interesting viewing in the near future.

So what about this movie?

There are two factors to this movie. 1) The overall plot to the story is not so original, it’s been covered before.  A businessman, who is well known and respected in the community, has a sub-conscious issue with his height.  So to battle his inferiority complex, he dates someone way out of his league and as a side line job, steals expensive art to pay for a lifestyle he thinks she wants! “I Know what you’re thinking, it Sounds Original to me”. 2) Its what happen in-between that make the story interesting and original.

After Roger meets with a new client and perspective heist target, things soon take a turn for the worst. The overly confident Roger soon finds that the deceitfulness is turned around on him and his life as he knows it will be a shade darker the day after! How dark? Let’s just say that Roger wishes he did his homework on Clas before stealing from him. Clas played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau best known for Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones puts Roger trough his pace’s as he puts up chase.

There are some very grotesquely clever ideas involving the chase through the Norwegian country side. There is one that takes the Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting toilet scene to an all new level of being in the shit!

The only downside was at the end, they go all Hollywood as Roger narrates how he does this and how he gets to there. We could have worked it out for ourselves and if not we could have put our own spin on it. I had to take away a couple of marks away for that sloppy ending. Still worth a watch.

6.5/10 (a better 6.5 though)


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