Ricky Hatton comes back into the ring to fix his ego and risk his life!

Ricky Hatton

Ricky Hatton has announced he is coming out of retirement.

I cant say this is good news,he was knocked out by both of the best fighters in his division in Pacquiao and Mayweather,this was not bad luck,he was outclassed,now he is saying that because he suffered with depression this resulted in him crying before those fights,eating like an elephant and snorting more cocaine than a pimp on Christmas day.

I’m sorry Ricky but your career was over a long time ago,everybody has their problems but you had the chance and at the end of the day you were ”not good enough”.

Hatton has been quoted as saying he does not want everyone to remember him as a loser who was once a champion,well Ricky you have earned a fortune from the game and now you are going to risk your health in vain attempt to rewrite history and polish your ego,what ever happens with Ricky I only see bad news on the cards if he re-enters the ring,if he wins the first few easy fights he will then be under the illusion that he can take a crack at the title,this is where I worry for Hatton and his family.

I hope he has a change of heart for the sake of the people who really care and the love the guy,he always showed great heart in the ring,now it’s time to use your brains Ricky…



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