Louie (TV review ) season 1 – I love his stand up and love this show!

I wish I had found this show earlier,it has a Seinfeld vibe in the sense that the camera follows Louie around in his daily life,and then it pans back to him on stage telling a joke.

There are some real laugh out loud moments,the show does not feel forced or contrived in anyway.

I really like the fact that Louie has no time for playing it cool,there are issues that he covers that a lot of guys,including comedians would stay away from just so they could keep their self-respect,this does not come into play with Louie CK,he squeezes the funny out of every situation regardless of what the truth is or how it makes him look.

There are plenty of highlights but when David Patrick Kelly(48hours and Commando) and Louis CK come together they have me crying with laughter –

I am already downloading season 2.



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