Magic Mike (2012) Movie review – This movie is ”showgirls” for women

I went into this one hoping for a similar movie to the ”Full monty” a bunch of likeable guys down on their luck who revert to stripping to make end’s meet,well magic Mike was more about obnoxious brain-dead dudes with no personality or charisma.

Now before I get the jealous tag thrown at me,I must admit I would trade bodies with any of the dancers in this movie,so I suppose you could say I was envious of their fatless bodies and toned abs,who wouldn’t be ….

There was a movie named Showgirls that came out in 1995,the story was just weird but there was a lot of naked ladies and a lot of sensual dancing,Magic Mike is exactly the same but for women.

Channing Tatum can not act,I have always suspected so but this movie was the final nail in the coffin,he seems to have been possessed by a cliché black pimp in this movie,the only thing that was missing was a cane.

Big problem with this film ? The Full monty made fun of itself,it explored the funny side of stripping,magic Mike doesn’t really do this,Matthew McConaughey brings some laughter but it is not often enough,so what are you left with ?

A bunch of wankers dancing around in no clothes with a side story about fake hope and love.




4 thoughts on “Magic Mike (2012) Movie review – This movie is ”showgirls” for women”

  1. I wrote a review of this movie too – see my ‘Mike Isn’t That Magic’ (July 3rd, 2012) blog entry. I thought it was a horrible movie. Channing Tatum’s sweet bod not withstanding… 🙂

  2. I tried to comment on your magic Mike post but it says the comment section on your blog is closed ?
    I thought your review was great,you expressed that empty feeling the movie leaves you with perfectly:)

  3. Thanks for that. Yeah, I was getting a lot of spammers on my blog, and when I closed comments after a week, all the spammers went away. I’m not sure why, but I figure that if most people don’t see a post after a week, there are so many posts all the time that it will have been buried by then. Maybe I should open it back up though, and only close it if I get spammers again?

  4. It sounds like you have approved a few people specialising in spam,just ban them,as yet I have had none,with the Google fingerprint you will get a lot of your old blogs turning up in weird n wonderful places,seems a shame not to leave it open to create more interest and more followers for your blog,you have a very flowing style which I will try and add to my own writing 🙂

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