Hick (2011): Movie Review – Moretz’s skill range is exceptional

I wonder what the future had in store for Chloe Grace Moretz? Its mind blowing already how many movies she has stared in! Work for her doesn’t look like ending any time soon either, she has a huge body of work coming up. It will be interesting to see if she can back up the skills that she is already parading.

In Hick she play Luli, the daughter of 2 troubled parents who don’t know if their coming or going themselves. At age 13 she decides to make a break to Vegas to seek a better future for herself!  So with her Crayons and hang gun safely packed, Luli adventures begins. Along the way she meets a collective group of weirdo’s willing to help her out…. for a price of course.

From the start of this movie you really fear for Luli, you just feel something sinister is going to happen at some point. Just when it looks like that time is about to arise, it quickly goes back to playing it safe. That’s the trouble with the movie it plays the safe card all along.  This is all about Miss Moretz skill as an actress. She shows a different side to what she has already done in previous work. It must be sole destroying when seasoned actors are blown away by someone so young.

Not a great movie, but worth watching if you have no other option or you’re a fan of Miss Moretz’s work.



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