Recruitment for a Macdonald Burlington hotel in Bangkok is a scam !

I have recently applied for a position advertised with the hotel group,Macdonald Burlington in Bangkok.

The advert has links to the official and genuine hotel but when I started asking questions via email I got a response from an email address that did not look, how can I put it,..official =

I have recently contacted the official hotel and this is their response –

Thank you for your email below. Please be advised this is NOT a genuine offer from Macdonald Hotels and the email is a scam, we would advise not to forward any personal details/reply to the email.

Once again thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

At present I have given my name and date of birth,they are on my CV, I am guessing this scam involved them asking for my bank details next and anything else that relates to myself.

This is a UK email address so please take note that there is no recruitment drive in Thailand for the Macdonald burlington hotel,and especially not from this email address

Email from them –

Our Ref: MBH-HR-REC/UK/C7-2012

Dear Applicant,

Following  the recent recruitment exercise of expatriates staff personnel by Macdonald  Burlington Hotel. The screening and scrutiny of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae  which you submitted to us through our Recruitment Consultant (Human Edge  Limited) with other verification procedures carried out. The Human Resources  Department of Macdonald Burlington Hotel has been able to resolve the status  of your application.
After close examination of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae with reference to  your work experience, the Management of the Macdonald Burlington Hotel are  considering having you as one of our members of staff. Attached to this email  is our Assessment Form. We will like you to carefully go through this form  and provide us with the answers to each of the questions stated therein to  the best of your knowledge. On receipt of your completed Assessment Form, we  will provide you with more information as regards your job application.

The recruitment company pretending to recruit for this hotel is –

They are Nigerian,do I need to say anymore ?


Please spread the word,I know a lot of people who are looking for work to stay in Bangkok so I am sure when people are sending out a dozen CV’s a day it’s easy to not look at the fine print.


4 thoughts on “Recruitment for a Macdonald Burlington hotel in Bangkok is a scam !”

  1. Hi There! I’m from Philippines, same as your experience I also received a notification about my application in Macdonald Burlington Hotel. i’d ask them about the scam and this was their reply on my email…

    Macdonald Burlington Hotel

    Burlington Arcade 126 New Street
    Birmingham – B2 4JQ
    England Tel: +44 -704 575 3431 Fax: +44 -121 628 5005

    Our Ref: MBH-HR-REC/UK/C7-2013

    Dear Leslie Sison Barja ,

    We are in receipt of your email. Barja Leslie Sison, due to time constrain the Board of Managements has advised and instructed that you Should get back to us ASAP with your signed Contract Terms to make Ensure we have an agreement thereafter, we shall feed you in details and most importantly, you refer to our Immigration Consultants who will guide and aid you through acquiring all legal documents needed by you to legally live and work in the UK freely Which we see as paramount importance to the success of your Application. Barja Leslie Sison, it is of great importance to Let all our Successful Applicants, Employees know that, the Macdonald Burlington Hotel will not in any way associate its status with some personalities of illegalities and, we would not entertain or accept any form of uncivil choice of words from applicants. We would like to bring to your knowledge that, we have few applicants from your place of residents whom will be resuming anytime soon over here at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel and Their stipulated date of resumption and also, in accordance with the Macdonald Burlington Hotel Calendar. We have seen them through all processes as regards acquiring every legal documents needed by them. They adhered to and followed procedures as instructed by them. Our Immigration Consultants Which we will be referring you to, are through with the processing of all required documents needed by them to legally live and work in The UK freely and, They have also sent it over to them via Courier Services there except for few whom there’s are still under process. We have been receiving confirmation emails from them since last week and also this week that, They have there Received parcel sent to them and will follow procedures as instructed by them. The Macdonald Burlington Hotel has its Rules and Regulations and thuS, Should be Observed and, not to be bridged by anyone. Barja Leslie Sison, We have our Terms and Conditions Which you will be lectured on One Month During your probationary period. The Terms and Conditions of the Macdonald Burlington Hotel cover all applicants. Inline and accordance with the Macdonald Burlington Hotel Rules and Regulations, we handle a lot of aspect in supporting our foreign workers coming over to the UK. If you go through the email vividly well our Immigration Consultants will send you shortly after Contacting them, you will find in there CERTAIN aspect we handle for instance, we are to pay for your Flight Ticket Fee Which is mandatory and other vital aspects Which will be Clearly detailed to you, there are also CERTAIN you are roles to play as well Which will be put before you. Barja Leslie Sison, inline and accordance with our Rules and Regulations, aside the role we play in aiding our foreign workers, we DO NOT in any way pay for the application and processing fee of any applicants Immigration Documents CERTAIN due to experiences we have encountered from applicants over time past. This is “IN LINE” with the Macdonald Burlington Hotel Rules and Regulations and thuS, Should not be violated. We would advise of you to proceed with the signing of the Contract Terms and get back to us ASAP thereafter, we shall furnishing you more in details. All applicants are to follow same procedures. More so, we would like to use this medium to convey to you that, this is a “PERMANENT JOB” but, we are placing all applicants on two (2) years Contract Which will be automatically renewed When due because I thereafter, all staffs of the Macdonald Burlington Hotel stands a continuity of His or Her position over here at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel. This is in line with the new Terms and Conditions of the Macdonald Burlington Hotel. In a nutshell, the job is a permanent job Barja Leslie Sison. We would advise of you to follow procedures as instructed, to enable you meet up with other applicants and also, to enable our Immigration Consultants make all legal documents are needed by you before your due date of resumption given to them by the Management.

    How will I know if they were saying the truth? Can you please Help me on this.. Many Thanks.


  2. Hi. I happened upon your post by chance and was scandalized to learn that our firm, Human Edge Limited, had been associated with the purported scam you have described.

    We are one of Nigeria’s leading human resource consulting and staffing firms and have been in business since 1989. Our clientele includes a wide range of international and local organizations and I believe we have an unblemished record of providing integrity-based staffing solutions to our clients.

    We have never placed a vacancy notice on behalf of the MacDonald Burlington Hotel, Bangkok and your assertion that we are ” pretending to recruit” for the hotel in question is incorrect and unfounded. I have no doubt that it would be attractive for the presumed scammers to try to use our firm’s credibility to boost their chances of success, but this is a threat faced by nearly all serious businesses in Nigeria today. Unfortunately, your comments about our firm merely perpetuate the unfounded belief around the world that all Nigerian businesses are fraudulent, as evidenced by your concluding remarks that “they are Nigerian, do I need to say more?”

    Thank you for at least directing visitors to your blog to our website. I believe that the more discerning amongst them will be able to draw their own conclusions and enquiries about Human Edge and our activities are welcome.

    Folarin G.Longe
    Managing Director

  3. I am sorry if you did not take part in this scam, it is a fact however that in the UK we come across a lot of scams and a high proportion of these scams come from Nigeria, I accept that this does not include every Nigerian company and can fully understand why you would be upset if you are an honest and moral company, however I would be more concerned that it took you two years to become aware of this issue as the real hotel did try contacting you with regards to these fake adverts when they appeared, this was as a response to this blog.Kind regards, Betterthanimdb

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