The Dictator (2012) Movie review – Funny but becoming old hat!

Well it seems the formula for Sacha Baron Cohen movies is to go on journey in a new land,make a friend,get into an argument with that friend,no longer be friends with that person until you need to see/use that friend again,then its time to make up,credits role!

That said I did enjoy this movie,there was some really well crafted jokes served on a plate of sickness:) I do worry that for a man who arrived on the scene all those years ago with fresh original ideas,is now just rehashing the past to cash in,I hope not, because he is a funny.

Can’t say the same about his co-star Anna Faris,MAN,she is annoying,she has pulled the same stupid goofy faces for the last ten years,it seems the Scary movie star has one trick and she never tires of using it.

Ben Kingsley is fantastic as usual.



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