What can I drink when I am on a low carb diet….

I am not going to partake in any drinking for a few weeks as I am detoxify my body.

After a few weeks of water and Sprite light only, my lips will be whistling for beer or Wine,but which ones are the best for you ? or less likely to burst the belly back open….

What Can I Drink?

  • If you drink beer, consider a light beer. If you enjoy mixed drinks, consider  sugar-free juices or blending the alcohol with water instead. The goal is to cut  carbohydrate intake.

Beer and Wine

  • For those who prefer an ice cold beer, lower carbohydrate versions will  contain 5 grams, or less. These beers contain less than 5 grams of  carbohydrates: *Amstel Light *Michelob Ultra *Bud Select *Miller  Light *Corona Light *Coors Light In addition, wine is also a fine  choice. Sticking with the drier varieties cuts out some of the more sugary  selections. Many low carb wine varieties will contain fewer than 7 grams of  carbohydrates, this is fairly commonplace. As aforementioned, only the sweeter  Zinfandel’s, blush wines or dessert wines will exceed your low-carb  budget.

Mixed Drinks and Liquor

  • Those of you who prefer a mixed drink, or a shot on the rocks will find that  distilled alcohol, alcohol in its pure form, contains zero carbohydrates. So,  enjoying a smooth whiskey on the rocks is, by low-carb dieting standards, the  best you can do. Straight liquor becomes tricky when it is mixed with sugary  fruit juices or soda; this is what should be avoided or limited. Low-carb  options include: Liquors- *Vodka *Gin *Whiskey *Rum *Tequila Mixers- *Diet Soda *Club Soda *Water *Lime/Lemon  Juice *Dry Vermouth

Know Your Limit

  • Understanding how the low-carb diet works is integral to your success. In  addition, knowing when to call it quits at the bar will save you some time on  the treadmill; not to mention, a headache in the morning. Knowing the science  behind the diet makes decisions at the bar that much easier, and healthier. The crux of this  diet is simple: burn more calories than you take in. So, if you tend to enjoy  libations at, say, a Friday night happy hour, stick with the low-carb varieties.  If your goal is to limit your carbohydrate intake from alcoholic beverages to 20  grams, consume no more than four beers, two mixed drinks or one bottle of  wine.

    Its also been reported that Corona beer contains only 5 carbs per bottle.

    YUMMY !

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