Bill Bailey – Dandelion mind tour (review) I like Bill but after 20mins…

Let me say that I have always found Bill Bailey funny,he has a quirky sense of humour which you could relate to the village idiot / weirdo.

To date he has enjoyed success as a panel host on Never mind the buzzcocks,the Blackbook TV series and the movie Hot Fuzz.

I think in the TV and movie work Bill shines because he appears on-screen for a few minutes at a time and is supported by a straight cast.

With Bill’s stand up it feels quite painful after 20 minutes,his jokes are funny but they don’t leave an imprint on you when the show ends,in fact if I think back now I cannot remember a single joke,his comedy seems very safe and at no point offensive to anyone,he does not have an agenda or a message,I am not saying this is a must to be funny but his whole show felt like circuit training at the gym…

1,start off with some fluffy jokes

2,Sing a funny song on the keyboard

3,Pick up the guitar

4,Some more fluffy jokes

5,Back to the keyboard…..

This circuit continues until the viewer finally feels exhausted.

I hope Bill sticks to his TV and Movie work,he does not have enough sold material to do a show for over an hour.



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