The Labour party respond to the conservatives heartless migration ruling.

In July Teresa May and the conservative party decided to announce a price for love,this price is £18,600,($30,000)if you have not been earning this amount you are no longer to see your wife or child,the following is a recent response by the labour party.

I have just received this e-mail from Good afternoon Thank you for your email on new family migration rules; I apologise for the delay in coming back to you. The Labour Party cannot take direct action on behalf of individuals and recommend if you need specific case advice, to contact your MP. I thought it worth clarifying our position on this important piece of legislation nonetheless. …

At a time when our national finances are hard-stretched, we believe that it is only fair that anyone wanting to bring someone new to this country should be able to prove that they will not be a burden on the state. However, we believe that simply taking income as an indicator of someone’s ability to support their spouse is unreliable. After all, especially in today’s climate, someone on £40,000 today could all too easily be earning nothing tomorrow. So the taxpayer may still being exposed. In addition, in a world where far more people travel abroad and have friends overseas, there is a danger that such a policy could be unfair on those of modest incomes who genuinely fall in love overseas, perhaps with a high earner whose income won’t count under Government plans.
That’s why it might be fairer and more effective to insist that anyone sponsoring a partner into this country deposits a financial bond, which would be used to protect the taxpayer and meet any unforeseen costs that might be incurred, and which would be redeemable after a fixed period. Yet the Government didn’t even consult on this option. The Government needs to be honest about migration, only make promises they can keep, and sort out the mess of illegal immigration at Britain’s borders. Thank you for contacting us on this important issue. With kind regards Frontbench Communications Team On behalf of the Labour Party 1 Brewer’s Green | London | SW1H 0RG
A recent letter sent to the conservatives –
I have got a meeting with my local MP next week as a result of this letter I sent a few weeks ago,it seems to have touched a nerve….
Hello Mark,Can you please tell me your thoughts on the following.Since July Teresa May has brought in a spouse threshold of £18,600,this means at present that my wife and son are not allowed to live with me until I reach this level.You responded with a generic response that has been sent to everyone affected by this.The element that I think has been forgotten by your party is the effect this will have on your unemployment levels.

I have just given up two taxable jobs to go and spend a few months with my son and wife in Asia.

When my small savings are spent outside of the UK I will return to the UK to look for work,I cannot work in Asia as I do not have a degree to teach,I can work illegally in my wife’s country but If I am caught I will be deported back to the UK,so I have no option but to work in the UK,save some money and then return to my wife and child in Asia,each time I return to the UK I will claim job seekers and housing benefit,this is the best part of £1000 a month.this may be for a few months or if the jobs market is not great it could be six months.

This cycle will continue for my family each time I return to the UK without them unless this new threshold is lowered and I can pay my own way for my family which is all I want to do.

The stats show that there are 15,000 families affected by this new rule,that means that the tax payer in the UK will pick up the tab for the best part of £15 million.

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6 thoughts on “The Labour party respond to the conservatives heartless migration ruling.”

  1. I don’t like this at all but I can’t figure out what it means, gimme a break I’m an Amurican.

    You have to put down a deposit with the government to bring your ex-pat spouse/child into GB?

  2. That is the labour parties idea,which I agree with,it’s the ruling that is in place at present that is causing the problem,a lot of people like myself who work in sales are on a low basic and high bonus system,if the rules do not change I will not be able to live my wife and son,along with 15,000 other UK citizens

  3. OK so you agree that you should put down a deposit to get your family into the country? And the conservatives want a salary requirement? Sorry I’m a bit lost on this. What happened to marriage and birth certificates and living in country with your family? you have to pay????

  4. I dont agree at all,I think as long as you have a job and home you should have the right to be with your family,if the government want to use the excuse of extra costs for immigrants then I prefer the deposit option compared to the wage threshold,obviously I am thinking of a deposit of less than £5k which is returned after six months,obviously I would prefer to just have my family and not deal with this bullshit…

  5. OK. I go with the “this is my family and they get to live here b/c I’m a citizen of this country” program. Paying a fucking deposit to have your children in the same country??? Whaaa????

    The U.S. has the opposite problem. People come here illegally, have children and then say they get to stay b/c their children are American.

    How about everyone lives in the country in which they are legal residents or married or parented by a resident of that country?

  6. This all the work of the conservatives,they are out to gain political credit,in the mean time they are breaking up families,everybody agree’s that people who have no right to live here should be kicked out,undesirables come here for the benefit system,why not give benefits to people who have worked for atleast fifteen years,if not you are entitled to nothing,this would help cut migration because people coming here to add nothing, will have no reason to come in the first place,bah,rant over! 🙂

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