Beneath the darkness(2011) Movie review – God awful movie

I have seen some crap movies in my time but this entry really takes the biscuit.

A weird middle-aged guy kills a few people who betray him..Boo hoo!

This man is dark and has a secret,people suspect that he is bad and maybe has a secret,it turns out that he is bad,and then guess what ? he has a secret!

The good guys in the movie (teenagers) catch him in the act and finally seek justice on what he has done ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

Dennis Quaid is a fine actor,the director of this film must have blackmailed him to appear in this barrel of tripe.

The worst element is the teenagers,they are so cliché, it is fascinatingly boring –

Boy 1 , Average kid,nice and polite but hasn’t yet found his direction in life.

Boy 2, The cocky kid,has no respect for anyone, is constantly talking sh*te.

I could go on but my subconscious is begging me to stop,I shall oblige before I take the more entertaining coma option.



4 thoughts on “Beneath the darkness(2011) Movie review – God awful movie”

  1. Is it just me or does the pictured kid look like Hilary Swank who after her fanastic role in Boys Don’t Cry hasn’t done much good since then. Don’t say she won an Oscar for Millionaire Dollar Baby; she did but I didn’t like the movie.

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