Moonrise Kingdom: Movie Review – Wes Anderson’s Master piece

I just adore Wes Anderson style of film making; you can sit back and get taken to a world unlike any other. His attention detail is so clever, you need to re-watch scenes over again because your eyes cannot move fast enough, and his style is subliminal. He leaves nothing unturned what’s so ever, every knot and cranny is so finely tuned you can’t help but crave for more. This style can be a hindrance sometimes though on his movies, because most of his attention has involved detail rather than plot and dialogue.

Not In Moonrise Kingdom though! This is his finest work to date, its exceptional from beginning to end. All the good stuff is there and all the bad has gone. It truly is a master class in film making! It had the power to remind me of why I loved movies as a child and why I still do today and will always.

The cast are some of the best he has put together. Bruce Willis shows he still has plenty more to give and doesn’t just do grandpa action movies. I didn’t know if Edward Norton could pull this type of movie off! But he does and succufully so. Bill Murray is Billy Murray, enough said. When you need a bitch who do you call? Tilda Swinton, yes she does it exceptionally well as she always does.




3 thoughts on “Moonrise Kingdom: Movie Review – Wes Anderson’s Master piece”

  1. It is the best movie to date of the year, tied with The Master which just came out. Check out my reviews for both. Good review!

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