The Do-Deca-Pentathlon: Movie Review – Ignore IMDb’s ratings, this movie is better then that!

This movie I have to say has been harshly treated by IMDb, it is much better than the rating given by the viewers. I can only put it down to a misunderstanding! You have to put it into context of when it was made, yes it is newly released, but it was made 4 years ago and never finished due to finance and other projects. It’s a follow up to previous micro projects, The Puffy Chair and Bag heads.

The story follows two ultra-competitive brothers who come together for a birthday celebration; they are not what you call close, due to a dispute brought on by a previous Pentathlon some years earlier. Since then they have led completely different lives, one is a family guy the other a failing poker pro. Mark is warned by his wife not to get involved in any think competitive due to his medication to stress, but the frustration of his uninvited brother’s presences soon pushes sibling rivalry to new heights.

This movie have got genuine laugh out loads moments. Their Pentathlon is not your standard Olympic set up. The 25 event was designed to be played over 2 days, due to family restriction they have to be more flexible this time around” So they thought” , no sooner do the events starts, then their demon competiveness comes back, but this time they are not kids.

If you don’t know by now I’m a big fan of The Duplass Brothers style of making movies, this could possibly be the last ultra-low budget they make, even though they say it’s not, but you can’t go back after making Cyrus and Jeff who lives at home, I don’t think its possible.

The movies run time is 76 minutes! What have you got to lose? You could waste your time watching two episodes of True blood in that time and be utterly unfulfilled.




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