MP interview for spouse visa – Mark Garnier – Kidderminster – Family migration UK

Well I had my meeting with Mr Garnier,MP of Kidderminster…. When I told him that family migration was only 3% of migration in this country he said the government had to be seen to be taking action as there was a lot of media including the The Sun,The Daily mail that have made the public angry about immigrants coming to this country. I said a lot of anger seem to be for the EU member coming,not members of UK citizens family,he said there is no chance of us stopping the EU nationals coming here so the focus has to be on non EU. …

He said I was in the unfortunate position of being wrapped up in all this but there is nothing he could do,he said on a larger scale your relationship is genuine but there are thousands that are not. He made a statement at this point,could you not reach the level by claiming for child tax credit,I said I thought you had to have you child living in the UK to claim that and how would that help with the visa process ? he said he wasn’t sure… He admitted that his knowledge on this subject was not great,but when I tried to make my point he would interject with something that was not relevant to family migration,when I told him that my job pays below the threshold he asked if I had thought about applying for a higher paid job or asking for a promotion.(I had to hold all my natural reactions inside for this moment) He then went on to tell me that the national average pay is £26,000 a year,when I asked what the local pay was he said he did not know,I am guessing its a lot lower as I live in an industrial town. He said I should consider getting two jobs and said the government would not back down on this rule. When I said I have had two jobs but that one was temporary and would end in a few months he replied with the words,Life is tough,(It sure is when Teresa May is at the helm.)

I said to Mr Garnier that if I am not lucky enough to clear the £18,600 I would go round in circles of signing on,working then flying out to Asia to see my family and then returning to sign on until I find work, he replied with; I think you should just stay in work and not go see your family,you never know you may earn a promotion,I said that if there was seven people in my office and they all earn £18,000,what are the chances of me getting paid more in less than a year,meaning I will have to live apart from my wife and child for at least a few years,again he replied with life is hard. As I left he wished me luck in finding a better paid job which only made me realise that he hadn’t listened to any of my points or cared for them.

What the government do not tell you is this rule will in effect create a bill to the tax payer of £15 million,for people in my position they will be forced to come and go from this country and in turn rely on job seeker and housing benefit once their savings has been spent in their spouse’s country,so not only does the UK not enjoy the family spending their money in the UK which will help the economy but instead they are disabling the UK resident from supporting his or her family and in turn making the only active connection to the government being one of a take policy in the sense of always returning and claiming when returning to the UK,if this stupid threshold was not in place there would be no need to pay out benefits and the country would benefit from the family living and paying tax on their jobs.

Update – 2013

One thought on “MP interview for spouse visa – Mark Garnier – Kidderminster – Family migration UK”

  1. Update on events, we went to Ireland in 2013, worked and lived there as a family for 4 months and now we are allowed and do live in the UK, Thanks to the EU my family are now living together after 18 months apart, I will always vote against the Tories for their heartless actions over immigration and UK families.

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