Expendables 2 (2012) – Movie review – The requirment for acting is limited

I know with action movies the need to include good acting is normally low down the list of must have’s but in this sequel the standard seem’s to have dropped off a bit,it felt as if these legends of the screen are not sure which character they are supposed to be playing.

Worst culprits being – Bruce Willis,Arnold and ”ONE LINE” Randy Couture.

This movie is a lot of fun,tons of action and it includes a million and one former action stars,I just think they could have done a better a job with the dialogue,the movie is salute to all the classic action movies,which I haven’t got a problem with but when Arnie burps out I’ll be back for the fifth time, the joke becomes a bit tiresome,they should have held back a bit more on the obvious jokes and been a bit smarter with the dialogue,nobody really cares about the plot so the only real meat in these type of films is what they are saying and how they are killing off the bad guys.

In my honest opinion I think a bunch of fans from the 80’s could have written wittier lines that linked this lot together.

Nice to see these ”old” faces again,felt like an old friend had walked in when Chuck Norris arrived on screen,he also has the only funny line in the film,more Chuck next time.

Bring on number 3,but let someone else do the dialogue Sly.



2 thoughts on “Expendables 2 (2012) – Movie review – The requirment for acting is limited”

  1. They are now trying to do a cast with all females, now that would be bad ass! Have you seen the movie Bitch Slap? Would love to see your review on that!

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