The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Movie review – Best version so far!

I read a lot of bad reviews on this latest installment of the Spiderman franchise,its by far the best in my opinion,the other movies seem to be created and targeted for 13 yr olds.

The actors are more equipped to tackle this story,Andrew Garfield is a more convincing teenager and brings a human reality to the role.

His girlfriend,Emma Stone is beautiful and captivating.

Dennis Leary is his take no Bullshi* best.

Martin Sheen plays the uncle perfectly,he is that good at the role that I kind of wished he was my uncle at one point,god knows how Charlie turned out the way he did.

I really enjoyed the more mature approach to the direction of this film,I hope for the future they get away from the comic book bad guys,when Rhys Ifans turns into a lizard my interest started to fall away,I know Spiderman is not real,but in the same way that Batman is a made up figure they have taken a serious believable route,I hope that Spiderman follows this blueprint,the original fans are no longer teenagers and for those coming into their teens I am sure they would prefer a genuine decent plot as opposed to a cliché cartoon like bad guy.

Overall, decent and improved remake.




7 thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Movie review – Best version so far!”

  1. Hmm, your review puts this film much higher up on my list of movies to watch (and by “much higher up” I mean actually on the list). Since I was never a teenager, I found the original trilogy to be basically unwatchable and just assumed the reboot was more of the same. Thanks for the review!

  2. I liked it ok as action but again got flack for an aspect of my review, geez why can’t people just learn it’s an opinion. They disagree where I said Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had no chemistry. I know, I know they are a couple in real life but some couples you can tell even from a distance due to body language and looks but some don’t; such was the case here IMO so that lessened the impact of the movie. Also I thought there were big coincidences and holes in the story. Liked your review.

  3. Thanks wordchat,I thought the lack of chemistry was down him keeping his distance and his secret,I think its early days in their relationship,I liked the teasing promise line near the end,if you compare the two relationships from the other Spiderman I much prefer this one.

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