Wet hot american summer (2001) Movie review – Full of unknown comedy stars(at the time)

This is weird one,there are so many stars in this movie,like them(Paul Rudd) or not. (Bradley Cooper)

I am guessing this movie must have gone straight to DVD,since its birth a lot of the actors have gone on to star is some big movies, I am guessing more people have picked this movie up recently at $0.99 store than caught it first time round.

Paul Rudd and Niles Crane from Frazier( David Hyde Pierce) steal the best moments in the film,the movie doesn’t really have a set identity,it flicks from the wacky to the shocking back to the standard formula to most teen movies.

It’s hard to hate or love this movie as it feels like a high school production of some funny stars,.. from the future.


Not bad, but you will do better.



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