Death wish 3 (1985) Movie review – I was told this is the best of the D’W films…

I was in the mood for some Bronson so decided for Death wish 3,many bloggers reckon it’s the best of the Death wish films,the start is a bit shaky in my opinion,you have a gang who look more suited to playing in a boy band than they do playing the game of murder,Bill from Bill and Ted is part of this gang which underlines how scary this gang really is…

Bronson is one cool motherfucker,he has a face that has lived a 100 wars,he says so much with one look,the problem with this film is he is sharing the screen with a bunch of amateurs,it becomes embarrassing at times,some of the lines are delivered by people who have no right to be in the business full stop.

Some highlights… A doctor telling a man his wife has expired after dying in the hospital,a car exploding into flames after crashing at 7MPH and Bronson setting traps in the spirit of the movie Home alone.

With all that said the movie is enjoyable even with all these flaws.



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