The Watch (2012) Movie review – Ben and Vince riding the comedy cash cow to the grave

Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn seem to churn out a new comedy every month,some are pretty good (Greenberg,Zoolander,Old school,Dodgeball,and Anchorman) some are not so good (Couples retreat,The Break up,Meet the fockers)

This movie fits into the not so good section,Ben plays his usual polite but socially awkward guy while Vince plays the obnoxious over bearing guy,I have enjoyed these characters in the past like I enjoyed seeing an old wrestling star, soon grow up and get tired of the fake role play and fighting,Ben and Vince’s personas are similar,nothing original,just a performance that’s been copied and used in their last dozen films,only problem is there is no spark in the eyes anymore,the energy has left the screen and you are left with an empty shell of a movie.

I hope both actors start taking a few more risks in the future and chuck the mould away.

Richard Ayoade (I.T Crowd) is the only bright spark in the film,he delivers funny lines effortlessly throughout.




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