A judge overturns Teresa Mays and the Tory goverments £18,600 immigration rules

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Judge overturns Teresa Mays inhumane immigration rules. (Thank god someone has stood up to this stupid and disgusting person.

The supreme court have overturned a rejected visa case,based on the spouse visa threshold of £18,600,everybody are now set on the government reversing the rules or at least making them more realistic to what the average pay is around the UK.

(I have taken down the original post due to some drip accusing me of stealing their post,I always attach a link to any post or author if it’s not my own writing,as the original content came from a law firm and not a press webpage,the content offered little opinion and stated the bold facts,I was contacted by the law firm who asked about a link to their site, which I happily attached within the hour,now I am being accused of stealing and editing all of my content,as it’s 90% movie reviews that my co blogger and I write,I find this hard to swallow,hence why I have now removed the original article,we do not have advertising on our blog and we do not gain financially from the blog)

The person who reported this can now go back to writing to points of view!

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