Rock of ages (2012) Movie review – This movie stinks

This movie is classed as a comedy ?

Within the first few minutes a girl on a bus starts singing,a few seconds pass and all the passengers surrounding her start with the backing vocals,I immediately started to panic,had I downloaded Glee the movie by mistake ?,should I turn this off now? well I was very tempted as my standards were being challenged,my eye balls and ears were screaming in pain,I decided to fast forward five minutes to see if it picked up,nope,in fact it got worse,a scientologist was now having his way with several hot ladies,they must have been unaware that he was a scientologist.

Weirdest thing with this movie is that they managed to get some top actors involved(Bryan Cranston and Paul Giamatti) these guys are fabulous actors,I can only imagine they appeared as a favour to the makers of the film,they are only in it for a few minutes which explains the lack of quality in the film,stars turn up like they were grabbed off the Hollywood lot on their lunch break and begged at the last-minute to show their face in this terrible film.

If you like musicals this may be your thing,I don’t mind Grease or Little shop of horrors , at least you get to follow a decent story /comedy if the songs aren’t your thing,this movie never gets going.




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