Savages (2012) Movie review – A juicy steak covered in crisps

We all go into a movie hoping to be entertained in some way,when the credits rolled with this one my expectation was lifted with just a few names,Oliver Stone,Travolta and Del Toro.

A girl narrates the movie, in a kind of cool,kind of annoying but overall different way,so I guess this is something I should be happy about as I am always trashing films that stick to a formula.

Del Toro is exceptional,probably his best work since Usual suspects,his character is dark and intimidating throughout.

The movie slowly surpasses by expectations,at the half way point I am flying the emotional savages flag and beating the Oliver Stone drum,the director throws in several red herons to throw you off track,you spend the first part of the film trying to work out what type of film you are watching,just when you work it out and everything seems to fit into place,the film hits a pot hole in the road and goes crashing off a cliff.

* Spoiler *

Why on earth Oliver Stone decided on this Waynes World type ending I will never know,the movie ends with one of the heroes dying,then the girl starts talking hippy shite again and says this is what she dreamt could have happened,BUT, this is what really happened,this is where the movie took a massive nose dive for me,it may be the ending of the film but it felt like meeting a beautiful lady on a night out going back to her place to find that she too leaves the loo seat up,I would rather have not met her in the first place,and that’s how I feel about this film.

The movie creeps up its own back side in trying to be super cool and trendy to a level that would even make Tarintino sick!

Could have been so good.. but wasn’t!




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