Ted (2012) Movie review – The family guy movie vs Mark Wahlberg

I rate the Family guy humour,it has no boundaries and in general is shocking and unpredictable,the complete opposite to Mark Wahlberg,he has played the same docile character since Boogie nights,regardless of the film Mark puts in the same performance which normally equates to him playing a nice guy who is always two hours behind everybody else in the movie(With the exception of The Departed)

The dialogue is funny throughout and of course is written by Seth Macfarlane,The voice for Teddy is identical to that of Brian the dog with a topping of Stewie every now and again.

Giavanni Ribisi plays a weird guy hanging around in bushes, which is a shame because he is a stunning actor,Macfarlane should have persuaded Ribisi to take the lead role.



6 thoughts on “Ted (2012) Movie review – The family guy movie vs Mark Wahlberg”

  1. It is one of those movies where you say “Gawd did or or should I laugh at that.?” I say why not; sure its raw politically incorrect but let your hair down and relax and laugh. Heck Ted is a twisted Pinocchio and the old TV adventure is a scream.

  2. It was different,I am not sure they could do too many more of those,I would be interested to see Macfarline act in a future film,he kind of has one of those faces that you want to punch rather than laugh at,but I am sure we are not far away from feature starring him soon..

  3. I like Marky,I would love to have a beer with guy,he just cannot act,or should I say he has one character (himself) in fact I am add him to Actors who should stop… 🙂

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