Lawless (2012) Movie review – A unique action packed film

I was always going to try to be favorable towards this film, Nick Cave wrote the screen play and I am a huge fan of his music and more importantly his lyrics,in my opinion he failed on his earlier attempt (The Proposition,2005) although the film was interesting it crossed a line into being dull.

With this attempt he has made all right that was wrong with the Proposition,this is based on a true story with Cave writing the screen play,like his music you can tell he is trying to create something original and scoffs at the predictable.

It’s a stella cast which includes blockbuster performances from Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce.

Shia Lebeouf has become the latest actor that everybody loves to hate,after selling out with the Transformers franchise it’s not hard to understand why,but I beg you to forget that part of his career and remember the good old days of Disturbia,he lets no one down in this picture and he is surrounded by some meaty acting chops.




4 thoughts on “Lawless (2012) Movie review – A unique action packed film”

  1. stellar*

    I was hugely disappointed in this movie. Not only was there barely any action, but the ENTIRE movie Shia LeBeouf’s character is such a whiny and weak character it’s hard to pay attention. The pacing of the movie was off and the strongest performances came from Gary Oldman (expected) and Guy Pearce who places a pretty insane villain. Don’t get me wrong there was some great violence/gore but it was a boring movie where the audience lost interest in the characters by the 2nd act.

    The movie was slow the entire time and I think the trailer mislead the audience so hard which

  2. If you thought this was slow you better not watch the proposition,I think the style is what the director intended,I enjoyed it a lot of the characters including Shia’s,he was a boy growing into a man.Thanks for your comments

  3. I actually enjoyed Proposition. I thought Guy Pearce did a great job as a cowboy (even though I haven’t seen it in over half a decade). It was shown as a slower cowboy and single character movie. And there was a great shoot out with a crazy violent happening that I didn’t expect.

  4. Well I guess that is what makes us all different,I found the Prop’ really slow and the characters annoying after the 1st 1/3 of the movie,I agree with you that the adverts made it look like a different movie but for me that was a good thing,I will look out for any future movie review you do,thanks KO

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