Offender (2012) Movie review – A decent ”budget” prison gang movie

This movie impressed me off the bat,my fears of this being a generic no frills gang movie were put aside within the first fifteen minutes.

I am sure the budget was low but when you have a lot of young talented actors and a decent script the quality will always shine through.

People have compared this film to Scum,I don’t really understand that,you could argue they copied the Johnny Lee Miller movie – The Escapist(2002) but I still applaud the effort by a largely unknown director (Ron Scalpello)

My only negative was that in the last third of the movie it began to lag somewhat,I think they should have cut a few more scenes in the editing process just to make the pace of the project consistent,overall I was impressed,I had low expectations so it’s always nice to be surprised.



7 thoughts on “Offender (2012) Movie review – A decent ”budget” prison gang movie”

  1. Cheers for leaving a comment. Email me and we can have a look at your case. They can always come here under another route … I’m really sorry that they are being such losers about this!

  2. I love the way your blog looks and the post is well written and right about the movie being a decent “budget” prison gang movie 🙂

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