Michael Jackson: Bad 25 (2012) Review – Great entertainer,questionable person

Just finished watching this documentary by Spike Lee, it’s surprisingly good, there is a lot of footage that I have not seen before, it celebrates and looks into the album Bad.

Most interesting side of this film is the views of all the people who worked with the king of pop, there is a great list of stars and directors that has helped turn Michael into an idol.

I enjoyed the film but I do not have any doubt that Michael was a pedophile, so how am I suppose to feel about the king of pop now I believe he molested and preyed upon kids, well it’s a tough one because I grew up listening to Michael and like everyone else he made you feel excited about music, he made you want to dance, but if you take any male adult and accuse him of child abuse once, the chances of that man putting himself in the position of being alone with a child, never mind being in a bed with one, would surely be the biggest NO NO in his managements / legal teams rules of things to look out for, people say he loved children in a platonic way, if so, invite the children and their parents to days out, you DO NOT invite them to your home alone, especially not when you have been accused several times of interfering with children.

I am sure if OJ Simpsons legal team could clear him of murder, Michael Jackson and his billions could clear him of child molestation.

What really makes me crazy with the king of the pedo’s is the fact that if Michael was just an average singer,with an average following he would be in prison now, it seems if you go beyond a certain level of success the laws of the land do not apply to you.

Great star, questionable person.


3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Bad 25 (2012) Review – Great entertainer,questionable person”

  1. Interesting review and good examination of the double standards in celebrity justice / victim injustice.

  2. Thank you,I would be interesting in reading your views on the subject, if you get chance to review his latest instalment send me a link to the post, if you go on Youtube you will find millions of fans who wont except for a moment that Michael had a dark side.

  3. Not to mention some notable child stars that were likely paid damn well to shut up forever on it. Not that I’m naming any lest we be up for libel.

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