The Sweeny: Movie Review – An unrealistic UK Police drama

Anyone else bored with Ray Winstone’s same old same old approach to acting. I reckon he only has about 20 words that he knows and that the directors are comfortable with him using. My memory of the TV series The Sweeny is pretty fuzzy, but what I did remember is that I did not dislike them as much as I did these two. The characters were far beyond the reality of normality. Has anyone ever met a police officer as offensive and pretentious as these were from the UK?

As offensive as these two characters were, the movie itself was not too far behind. It was clunky and clumsy from start to finish. The plot was as weak as the supporting crew. Damien Lewis’s character was horrendous; I have never seen him act so badly before. I don’t understand Ben Drew either, the pop star who thinks he can act! “Let me tell you pal, you can’t”. He thinks he’s what the street is all about, the voice of youth! That’s the problem he is, and that’s the problem with modern society, its selfish with I don’t give shit attitude.  Maybe hanging out with Winstone and Drew the director picked up on the vibes and got into I don’t give a fuck what you think of my movie you slags.

I heard an interview where they said it could be a franchise, if that’s true I guess channel 5 are on the lookout for something to replace CSI Miami.




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