Your Sisters sister(2012) Movie review – Duplass bash number 2 of the week

This movie made feel quite nauseous at times,every lead character was slightly quirky,slightly off the wall,but overall just very annoying.

Two people going through recent issues decide to take a time out from life and seek some alone time,on reflection this would have made a more interesting film if their plan had been successful but instead these two people end up choosing the same sanctuary and boring us all to death with their clumsy awkwardly contrived conversations.




4 thoughts on “Your Sisters sister(2012) Movie review – Duplass bash number 2 of the week”

  1. You nailed it. Speaking of nailing if I see one more gay male or lesbian female character switch sides at the drop of a hat with no previous background of being bisexual (which world be fine) I hit the screen. As a gay man I have no issues with ones sexuality but don’t have a TV or movie character that is gay just jump into the sack with the first loser because you want shock value. Try slock value. This is lazy writing.

  2. I always find it interesting when they portray a lesbien fling as ”part of growing up” and a mans feeling towards the same sex as an emotional roller coaster always ending in shame.

  3. Very good observation. Women are more often portrayed as being more fluid sexual orientation wise but it is rare to see a male character once he has come out to be shown as straight again. That is except if the gay man is a devious killer which again is showing Hollywood sleaze and ignorance.

  4. Talking about gay performances,Willem Dafoe in Boondock saints really impressed,he played on people’s perceptions of what a gay cop would be and just turned them upside down,added to this he was just plain funny.

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