The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey: Movie Review(2012)

Love or Hate The lord of the Rings, there is no getting away this week’s realise of the Hobbit. I’m not the biggest fan of the former franchise, but neither am I a critic of the fantastic work Peter Jackson accomplished with the Rings. The only thing that puts me off revisiting the Rings movies more regular is their running time! Not enough happens for that length of viewing.

That can be said for this movie too, especially with 3 movies coming from a book that is Tolkien’s smallest of the fantasy adventures. If you are going to watch these movies then the cinema has to be your best bet, as it’s harder for your concentration to wonder when sat with a room full of strangers albeit the person of persons you go with.

If you go into this movie thinking it’s another Lord of the Rings, then you’re going to be a little disappointed. It’s best to go in with a blank canvas; this is a whole new adventure, so forget sequels and prequels! Enjoy it for what it is an unexpected journey.

One of things I most was looking forward to seeing Bilbo’s Character played by Martin Freeman. After reading the book I couldn’t quite see him as Bilbo, but if he could pull it off then this would sure be his greatest accomplishment as an actor. You’re not left waiting long to see if he has what it takes! After ten minutes of being in the company of Bilbo then you can’t think of a better actors than Martin for the role, he nails all the mannerisms of which Bilbo needs to be believable. I’m only pointing out Bilbo as he is who the story is mostly based on; all the other characters are just as accomplished from Gandalf to the Dwarfs.

The story as to be expected is a slow starter, but there is plenty to keep the watchful busy. The attention to detail is flawless, from makeup to set builds. My biggest criticism of the movie is the CGI, one moment it looks fantastic and you’re hard pushed to find fault. Then there are times when you’re thinking “well that’s not going to hold up very well in the future”, and I mean near, as in today!

The movie is fifteen minutes shy of three hours, but I must admit it doesn’t feel like it, it breezes through with out too much fidgeting about. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.




5 thoughts on “The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey: Movie Review(2012)”

  1. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I just know I will love it. The LOTR movies were very long, but for me not long enough! I didn’t want them to end. Thank you for the review. 🙂

  2. Agreed at 3 hours plus 15 minutes of ads and trailers your eyes tend to trail off a time or two. Still even for muggles like me it holds up and even has a few laughs. Another good review.

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