Trouble with the Curve: Movie Review- Plenty of gruff but not enough bite!

Clint plays a self-hating Baseball scout, whose age is starting to catch up with him. With the age of technology and youth and the sound of retirement ringing in his ears, Gus has one more chance to prove his worth. Micky (Amy Adams) is asked to accompany Gus by a worried friend and college who fears that his health is deteriorating, but on the other hand still believes Gus is the best in the business.

Micky begrudgingly agrees! She knows it’s not going to be easy as Gus thinks he knows best and taking advice from her is like the banks taking advice from the government. What Gus soon starts to see is that her upbringing has been based around his career as a scout and she knows a little about the game too.

The movie itself never really finds answers to the questions being asked throughout. It plods along at a very steady pace throughout. It just doesn’t have the bite you want to see. I’m a big Eastwood fan, but I’m not sure he was powerful enough to pull of Gus; it seemed to hard a job to really push the emotions too far. Amy Adams was ok, but needed a little more fire in the belly! Being the daughter of Gus. Justin Timberlake plays his part well, probably my favourite performance of his to date, but that’s not too hard considering some of the shit he’s made.

I hope this wasn’t Eastwood’s swan song as Gran Torino was supposed to be, that would have been a great ending to a career! This was more like a balloon escaping your grasp before tying the knot.

A steady




3 thoughts on “Trouble with the Curve: Movie Review- Plenty of gruff but not enough bite!”

  1. Finally someone agrees with me on this gruff all complaining without enough depth story. Drop the forced love story and bring the real emotions to the plate. Look up my review as we’re on the same page.

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