Life of Pi: Movie Review 3D version – If you don’t like this movie then there is seriously something wrong with you!

It’s been two-day since I watched this movie and I can’t get it out of my head. If this is the last movie I see in 2012 than it has finished on a high, talk about saving the best till last! I am not a fan of the 3D format; I find it confusing as to why I’m wearing glasses most of the time.  If they have both options than I’d rather take the 2D any time. The word was out that this was the best 3D visuals since the emergence.

Many questions were going through my head while waiting for this movie. How are they going to make this movie interesting enough? Are the special effect going to be horrible? Will the 3D be as useless as most of those that have come before? Will they really be able to transverse Yann Martel’s words into something with a little more snap then the book itself?

When the credits rolled at the end of this movie I was immersed in my seat, I was totally blown away by what I had seen. Any doubts that I had were totally wiped away, Ang Lee totally understood the feel of this book. He more than understood it; he took it to another level far beyond my imagination. His usage of 3D was a pure master class, not once did I have to look from underneath them to see if the shot was required of them.  A big shout out has to go to the SFX team here too, it’s a flawless display, it very hard to pick a fault.

To top it off the actors that play Pi are absolutely fantastic, if this movie doesn’t go home with plenty of gold gongs this year, then there sure is a crime being committed against brilliance.

My only gripe with the movie was the narration between older Pi and the past, but that soon passes when the meat of the story is served.




One thought on “Life of Pi: Movie Review 3D version – If you don’t like this movie then there is seriously something wrong with you!”

  1. Surely my best movie for 2012! Beyond the beautiful picture, love the lessons on faith in this story. Highly recommended to anyone!

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