Annapolis(2006) Movie review – A train stop plot that stops at every station

This type of movie comes out every five years,in this case James Franco plays a factory worker who had always dreamt of joining the navy,he even promised his dead mom.(BLESS HIM)

I did not buy any of it,Franco joins the force with all his dead beat pals trying to talk him out of it ”WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO JOIN THE NAVY WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD JOB STICKING METAL TO METAL HERE? ”

Then there was the cliché bad father who never took care of his emotional son after the mom passed(BOO HOO)

Everyone at the army base knows he is stupid and constantly tell him to quit (APART FROM A SEXY GIRL AND FAT LOSER WHO BELIEVE IN HIM)

And in the end,he prevails with the girl,the job and in life,my only surprise was to find Tom Cruise did not pip James Franco to this lead role.(I AM GUESSING JAMES IS WISHING HE DID LOOKING BACK)



2 thoughts on “Annapolis(2006) Movie review – A train stop plot that stops at every station”

  1. What is with James Franco lately? After believable roles in James Dean, Milk, Howl, 27 Hours and a reject Oscar host he does crud like a new take on Planet of the Apes and this one you just reviewed. I hope OZ is more than just 3D and color.

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