Pitch Perfect: Movie Review – It was for the blog! Honest….

I was giving the chance to watch this movie at my local cinema for free! A season gift to our members so they said. Not wanted to pass the chance of anything for free, specially a movie, I took them up on their kind offer and decided to give it ago. I knew nothing at all before I went in about this movie, but I sure learnt a lot by the end!
Is something is “free” then there has to be a reason why?

The reason for their generous gift was pretty evident when I walked into the screening; it was me and about 4 other people. Either I was the only member or the other 100 empty free seats knew something I didn’t.

Well it wasn’t long before I realised what they knew and I never! I was about to watch and genre of movie that I despise…. karaoke on crack. The only thing missing was the words on the bottom of the screen so I and these four teenagers could sing-a-long. I thought after her role in End of Watch Anna Kendrick’s may have decided that she was going to get serious about which roles she’s going play from now on, but… No! It was an obvious mis-cast when she ended up in End of Watch. At the time I wondered how she got the roll, definitely not her type of movie. Beyond doubt this was the type of movie I’m used to seeing her in and for the reason I do my best to avoid them. You may have guessed that I wasn’t a fan of this movie by now. There’s one character in the movie I did like and that’s the one played by Rebel Wilson(Fat Amy), they nailed her characteristics perfectly; she has all the best lines. That wasn’t enough for me to not want to crawl up my own arse though and hide.

By the looks of things I might be in the minority of people that didn’t enjoy this movie?




8 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect: Movie Review – It was for the blog! Honest….”

  1. My boyfriend and I rented it last weekend and went in with zero expected rations and thought that it was pretty good. We thought that it was entertaining and it made us laugh. It’s not award winning or anything, but from a purely entertainment standpoint, we were glad that we saw it.

  2. I’m guessing if I watched it with my girlfriend I would have thought differently. That being said I’m glad I never, because if the words came out of my mouth “that was good!” I would seriously consider quit watching movies. Like I said these types of movies are not for me.

  3. To quote the late Dick Clark “Good tune and you can dance to it too”. I liked it as well, sure it’s now Step Up but apparently it is realistic and based on the real show choir circuit. A decent streaming view.

  4. I can honestly see why you didn’t like the movie Pitch perfect – it’s one of those marmite films, especially because it draws comparison with Glee, and if you hate that then you’ll probably hate PP.

    I personally loved it, and found Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy an immense source of entertainment! In fact, she still provides entertainment now because I follow a facebook group that has quotes from her, which make me laugh every day!

    Anyway, back to the film – I do happen to agree with you about Anna Kendrick, she really should have kept herself to more serious roles following End Of Watch – now she’ll be on Glee before you know it.

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