The man with the iron fist’s (2012) Movie review – Wait for it to come out on VHS

God this was painful to watch,it’s narrated by RZA(known for his hip hop,not narrating an ancient story)

The Asian characters all talk in thick American accents which I am sure was intended as weird and wacky but just comes off as strange.

Russel Crowe has piled on the pounds and now looks like Rik Mayall,the dialogue was so embarrasing at times that Tyler Perry would be happy to lay claim to it.

Why Tarrantino presents this I do not know,good job he didn’t direct it, this flop could have finished his career.

Avoid, until it comes out on VHS.



5 thoughts on “The man with the iron fist’s (2012) Movie review – Wait for it to come out on VHS”

  1. Wait till it comes out on VHS, now that’s a great line! I admit I’m still using a VHS for the few shows I record. Its on its last legs. I’ll go digital again once I lose it or a few more channels as analog goes the way of the vHS.

  2. I would love to see the % of the people still using the VHS,it has got to be low outside of the third world,maybe it will come back as retro cool to be using one 🙂

  3. No problem! keep up the honest reviews. You literally saved me from renting this movie. I wasreally suprised on this review and pitch perfect

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