Lincoln: Movie Review – Daniel Day-Lewis should clear a space on his shelf.

My esteemed co blogger on betterthanimdb compiled a top ten actors list about 6 months ago. At the top, even though he said it was not in the categorised order was Daniel Day-Lewis. I argued “how can he be there, he hasn’t done hardly anything?” What he had done was fantastic I agreed, but still not enough to be in the top 3. That was until I watch Lincoln. The movie as a whole was quite fascinating; Spielberg’s attention to detail is flawless.  Where this movie grabs your attention is the elegant work of Daniel Day-Lewis, for me it’s definitely the finest piece of acting this year.  What makes it the greatest performance this year is the fact that everyone around him is so good and he still is the stand out.

The story takes forever and a day to gets where it’s going, they could probably have chopped and changed things here and there to really push for the movie of the year, it felt to safe at times. The movie was all about solo performances for me, not a bad thing though, because that in its self makes this movie very watchable.

For me it’s Spielberg’s best work since Saving Private Ryan.



4 thoughts on “Lincoln: Movie Review – Daniel Day-Lewis should clear a space on his shelf.”

  1. Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List are cinematic benchmarks. Add this to that company. I didn’t like it as much due to my believe Sally Field was miscast but do see the overall impact of DDL and other stellar performances.

  2. BEWARE Spielberg’s on cue —8th?–9th? —–10th?
    Hollywood Lincoln. It’s weaponized predictive programming
    and a PC moral alibi for capstone ‘things unfolding’ and
    sordid police state ‘necessities’.

    BE AWARE ——he and Godwin and Kushner, all capstone
    ‘on board’ and promoted, have —OMITTED—- any reference
    to what’s SURELY the ONLY urgently relevant aspect of
    the Lincoln legacy in 2012 —ie his quite possibly —-FATAL—–
    diss of the Global bank monopoly over finance of the war.

    SEE: ‘Lincoln Assassination’ article
    ——-Gerald McGear
    ——-Vancouver SUN newspaper
    ——–May 2 1932

    Then SEE: —-‘Money Masters’—— documentary online

    THEN SEE what you think of Spielberg’s ‘latest’.

    ANd as ever, BEWARE celebrations of capstone decreed
    ‘—eeek—wall—‘IT’—–he’ and police state ‘necessities’
    from BILLIONAIRE Hollywood producers in Trotsky glasses.

    Most ESP. those who’ve ‘perception managed’ you thru
    some 4 decades of Globalist handover of YOUR economy
    to EUGENICS ‘very friendly’ —Rockefeller RED China. . .

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