An idiot abroad – Series 3 (TV Review 2012) – The short changed series

I loved the previous two series,Karl comes out with something funny / bizarre in every episode,he is unique in the way his brain works but the most enjoyable part is seeing him adapt to his new surroundings,he has the fist pumping British pride matched with the patter of an old ladies tea room,he could be at the  most historic of sites but he would end up talking about Eastender’s.

Karl is funny,the show worked on basis that Karl was being himself, this is the first series which actually feels more contrived,Karl is a big star in the UK,when all this started he had the air of someone who was happy to play along and pick up a nice pay regardless of how it looks in the final edit,now the show feels a tad bit more planned,cue Ricky’s phone call,(RG) Karl it’s as planned but we have a little surprise for you on the way (KP) Oh right,I am not happy !

Warwick Davies has been brought in to spice things up,I like Warwick,he talks sense most of the times and teams up with Karl well.

The amount of episodes in this series is a joke,it really smells to high heaven of Ricky just cashing in on what was an honest and hilarious product,like all other fans I was excited about the prospect of this new odd pairing travelling and witnessing new horizons together,instead we are left with three episodes and a lot of disappointment when the curtain comes unexpectedly down before the adventure has had chance to build up to full steam.

Top show but Ricky has short-changed the fans.


3 thoughts on “An idiot abroad – Series 3 (TV Review 2012) – The short changed series”

  1. Karl needs to distance himself now career wise from Ricky. Gervais has run his course now, he has dried up of ideas. No one laughs louder then Ricky at his own jokes.Yappy

  2. “he has the fist pumping British pride matched with the patter of an old ladies tea room” This is a brilliant observation and line. I liked the series. This one was too short. You are right. There is a world of things to see. I would also enjoy watching a travel series with Karl and his wife.

    I agree with you about Ricky.

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