ill Manors: Movie Review – Ben Drew’s debut is better than expected

Film poster for Ill Manors

After watching the Sweeny I was looking forward to watching this movie and giving it right good kicking. I’ve not really enjoyed anything Ben Drew has starred in, I’m definitely not a fan of the music he records(Plan B), and also he comes across as a complete dick in interviews.  With that entire in mind, surely his debut as a director had little or no chance of seceding.

I hate to say it, but I didn’t mind it. As debuts go it was a good effort. He brought with him a different kind of angle that you normally see in these cockney drug dealer movies. His characters are down and out dirty street thugs, who care for little or nothing, except themselves. Sure there’s the added little spice of exaggeration, that’s what make them so horrid. What make them unbelievably horrible is down to the acting; you would have thought they were pulled straight off the street and onto the set. What can make these movies hard on the eye and ears is that this is a society of which few behave. There’s a clever plot filler in this movie which is done several times is where Ben writes lyrics and raps about what’s happening or who’s who, cutting out time and any question asked.

I have to give Ben a tap on the back for this his first effort. If he decides making movies is the way he wants to go in the future, I hope he thinks outside the box he feels comfortable in.




3 thoughts on “ill Manors: Movie Review – Ben Drew’s debut is better than expected”

  1. Never heard if the guy and can’t stand rap or beat box stuff. To each their choice but it does appear an OK debut from what you say.

  2. Plan B is a big music star in the UK,I neither love or hate his music,from and acting stand point I thought he was outstanding in the Michael Caine movie (Gangster flick) I will check this one Yappy,KO

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