Django Unchained: Movie Review – Spaghetti never felt so twisted

I’ve watched this movie twice already! That’s right folks I’ve watched a 2:45 minutes movie twice in the period of 12 hours. The first time I had to many questions swirling around my head, I couldn’t sleep properly. If I wrote about the movie after the first viewing then this review wouldn’t have been what it is. I suggest if you are not too sure about this movie, then do as I did, watch it again! It is undeniably worth five and half hours of any movie fans time.

Spaghetti Western! I just could not see Quentin pulling this off when I first heard the rumour of it being made. How was his type of dialogue going to fit into this type of genre? With a little tweaking here and there and the hiring of some might fine actors and actresses, he does a splendid job. Now spaghetti westerns are not just simply cowboy movies, they must have the comedic side mixed with the seriousness of the situation, either from the goodies side or the baddies. You want to see great fight scenes and ruthlessness from all the characters. Well you have it all on display here!

You can tell he is a big fan of this genre, what he’s done is taken everything bad about spaghetti westerns and turned them 360 degrees on their head. The only person in the game that can make western cool as f**k is your man Quentin Tarantino. He has picked the batten up and sprinted full speed ahead of Inglorious. I’m glad to say that Death Proof is all but a distant memory now.

I’m not going to pick out any outstanding actors in this movie; everyone involved does a great job. I can only imagine working on a Tarantino movie is sort of like taking a break from being too serious or vice versa for comedians that star in his movies. He has the knack of making it all look like great fun.

As always he picks a great soundtrack through out, I don’t normally go for soundtracks myself, but I have found a few of Tarantino’s in my collection through out the years.




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