Django unchained (2012) Movie review – Perfect for 2hrs then it falls off the wagon!

Just finished watching this and as much as I enjoyed it I am not fully satisfied,the movie feels like it should have been split into two,I am not saying I would prefer this, I am saying that the first two hours of the movie are fantastic but the last 45mins feel’s like a different movie,it becomes more like a cartoon right at the point that Tarantino enters the screen to the end.

I honestly think Tarantino botched the ending,the first two hours were simply wonderful,there were many actors that impressed but if I had to single someone out it would have to be DiCaprio, he really does keep you guessing about what his character is going to do next, which is no mean feat.





9 thoughts on “Django unchained (2012) Movie review – Perfect for 2hrs then it falls off the wagon!”

  1. The movie looked intriguing to me until I discovered it was Tarantino. I have never been able to get on board with anything that man as ever cranked out aside from From Dusk til Dawn. He just writes stuff that doesn’t appeal to me, i WANT to see this and like it. I am not very optimistic, though.

  2. I really enjoy his previous work,I enjoyed this,for a take on the wild west it’s impressive,I just felt let down by the last third,let me know what you think once you have seen it

  3. Glad you gave it a 8 and called out on the ending. I have never found a movie I could call a favourite, but I did with Django. That’s exactly how I felt. Christoph Waltz paired with Leonardo D gave such great performances! I’d watch anything with the both of them.

  4. Can’t wait for his new movies! I saw him on an interview with Conan and he actually talks the way his characters do, yet he comes across as very reserved. Speaks softly yet eloquently. Thank God he’s old or my husband would think I have a crush on him the way I patter on and on about him.

  5. He did an interview that was interesting on the Jonathon Ross show (UK) It’s on Youtube,he comes off very cool if not a bit geeky,one thing is for sure he all about his art and an eye for a scene that most directors would miss.

  6. Just got back from watching this today. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Have never really been much of a Tarantino fan but loved his open and honest approach to how things really were…even if it did get my blood boiling. As for what you said about the ending, I didn’t feel that way. Perhaps I would say it felt a bit rushed at the end but then I do like things neatly wrapped up and I felt he did do that. I thought Jamie Foxx and DiCaprio were amazing.

  7. I find it amazing when black people state how offended they are regarding Tarantino’s use of the ”N” word,I thought it was a smart move, it was an honest depiction of the times and showed how ashamed we all should be that this treatment was socially acceptable back then.

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