Piers Morgan v Alex Jones debate – Gun crime in America

I have just watched the following interview and I am left shocked at how stupid Alex Jones comes across,he starts off ranting and shouting at Piers,he then ignores Piers questions and just responds with off topic stat’s.

Then to Piers vital question,How many people died from gun crime in America last year ? the answer was 11,000 + , he then ask’s how many people died of gun crime in the UK,Alex responds with several answers which have nothing to do with Piers question,he eventually takes a stab in the dark and says a few hundred.

The true answer was 35,that is surely the most shocking proof we all need that if you ban guns in America you stand to save up to 11,000 lives.

If someone fears another persons intelligence they use old tried and tested methods of shutting them down,Alex tried the lot in this interview;

1, Try talking louder than the person you are debating with.

2,When this does not work start shouting.

3,Never let your opponent finish their point

4,Never respond to their questions

5,If all else fails start to copy your host’s accent

Alex Jones is an embarrassment to any organisation,I find it scary that this man has a voice in America and find it disconcerting that many US citizens support what he says.


4 thoughts on “Piers Morgan v Alex Jones debate – Gun crime in America”

  1. Not all of us support him. Unfortunately that first and second strategy (talk louder than the other person, then shout over them) tend to get these people a lot more attention than the rest of us get in these debates. So does their sixth and increasingly popular strategy, scare tactics– creating and spreading conspiracy theories about how this gun control act “proves” the government is out to get them and whatever political party/religion/financial class they belong to.

    For the record, Mr. Jones seems to be unaware that the 2nd Ammendment was put into place long before there was a such thing as a “street thug.” At some point in our history, the public changed the meaning behind that ammentment from the idea that every member of a militia should be armed in order to participate and keep their state safe from tyranny, to this new and very strange concept that every single American citizen should have a gun. More guns will never equal less violence. Hopefully our country will realize that soon.

  2. I find it strange that no previous president (Well apart from Bush) has not pushed for a total ban on guns being owned by the average citizen,we have nut jobs in the UK but the worst thing that tends to happen is someone will end up with a smack in the face,compare that to America and someone gets their face blown off,I did miss one off my list,when in a debate,to make sure you are taken seriously,offer to put some gloves on and fight it out 🙂 Thanks for your comments and thoughts.

  3. Unfortunately too many average citizens and politicians cling to the “every single person” (mis)interpretation of the 2nd amendment, and the courts have upheld that even though it’s historically inaccurate. I think most politicians against guns fear that if they suggested a total ban they’d be met with unbelievable panic, outrage and protest (and as we discussed, the crazy people here have guns!).

  4. It sounds dramatic but that would be a reason I could not live in America,I know you have your good and bad area’s but I think I would be on edge each time I was caught in an argument with a ”crazy”.you get five years in prison in the UK for just carrying a fire arms,an extra few years for each bullet you have as well,would nice for Obama to create an ban,he would go down in history as the man that saved thousands of lives,I understand this will never happen,just saying.

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