Thai visa lie about the amount of active users they have to create extra revenue via advertising

I have been a member of Thai visa for a few years,recently I had an experience with a local Taxi driver that I wrote about on this blog and decided to copy the blog onto Thai visa.

Every time you click onto a post on Thai visa you are taken to a third party source were the story is held,I did not do this,I posted the full story on their site,with a link to my blog.

Within minutes the post was deleted,I asked why and they said it was due to an advertising rule,I mentioned that I do not have advertising on the blog and they said yes but I was still directing traffic away from their site,OK I replied but I also create traffic for their site by using their links on my blog,as there is no commercial element to my blog I thought this was mean spirted so decided to delete my account,or should I say I tried to delete my account…

5:12 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
HelloWe do not delete accounts, simply no longer read the forum. You are unsubscribed from the daily newsletterLinda

So on this basis when you join Thai visa you join for life,there is no getting out,I have asked several times for my account to be deleted and I either got ignored or I got this helpful email above.
For any would be advertisers please be aware that whatever number the Thai visa team give you as the amount of live accounts they may have, this number is fabricated as anyone wishing to leave is told they have no choice but to leave the account open,strange business practice but I guess it looks good to any would be advertisers.

3 thoughts on “Thai visa lie about the amount of active users they have to create extra revenue via advertising”

  1. I just posted my less than favourable experience with a Thai plastic surgeon, given that there are so many positive posts on their site. Within a few hours I was emailed to say that my post had been made invisible due to Thai anti-deformation laws, which then begs the question, what is the validity or even the point of allowing the positive feedback of the Plastic Surgeon but not allowing any negative feedback.
    Also just received an email:

    We do not delete memberships but if you have posts revealing personal information those can be deleted, if you wish to change your user name, I can do that for you, just let me know what name you want.

    Additionally, you can clear information on your profile by going to your profile and click edit


    Thaivisa support”

  2. This is why I requested my account to be deleted,your allowed to have an opinion as long as they agree with it,it would not be as bad if they edited personal information out (at least people could email you if they wanted to know what company) to delete a post which is reporting on important feedback is wrong,thanks for your comment.

  3. PLEASE post these experiences on:

    The above site is a place that calls TV to task and your posts about their advertising ripoffs should get more reading; it’s quite a scam.

    I get counted three times for advertising. I get counted first as the member a biased moderator suspended for calling a flamer “Bozo.” My username was “Tonguethaied.” The account looks active to advertisers, but it’s suspended. Metisdead, sharing a bias with the flamer, suspended me on condition that I “acknowledge” my “wrong.” I refused and told him to go have sex with himself.

    I reinvented myself with username “Bigbabyjesus” and lasted about a week before another biased moderator (probably a Jesus freak) took exception to my use of that username and again “suspended” me, on condition I change my username to something less “offensive.” I refused and also told him to go have sex with himself.

    I just reinvented myself with a new username, which I cannot disclose here as most of the moderators and administrators on ThaiVisa are fairly vindictive. But I get counted again for advertising purposes.

    So for advertising purposes, I am counted three times even though I cannot be three places at the same time. With all the bad and biased moderating and suspensions, the mind boggles when contemplating the inflated statistics that are presented to advertisers. Since people that are suspended simply re-enroll with a new username, the question that begs to be asked with whether suspensions are deliberately liberal so as to pump up advertising statistics and revenue for George, the owner. It is quite a brilliant scam.

    Advertisers should demand the right to audit all TV accounts for activity and the removal of all inactive accounts.

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