Stop David Cameron and Teresa May destroying UK families

This page is to make people aware that while the government are spouting the importance of family life they are destroying thousands of families throughout the UK.

In July 2012 Teresa May and David Cameron made it near impossible for the working class people of the UK to have the right to have their non EU wife or child live with them in the UK by bringing in a minimum wage threshold of £18,600.

Family migration in the UK covers 3% of immigration,for the sake of 3% Teresa May and David Cameron are willing to keep husbands and wives,parents and children apart,they face living apart for years under the new rules, meaning the likelihood is the family will break up and this government will be responsible for a lot of one parent families.

When people think about immigration to the UK they think of people coming here to claim benefits and add nothing to the system,with regards to family migration the partner is not allowed to claim any benefits for the first five years,in that time if the relationship turns out to be bogus they are sent back to their country,Teresa May fails to mention this,and fails to mention the fact that EU citizens can at a drop of hat turn up tomorrow in the UK without any connection to the UK or without any intention of adding anything to UK.

Family visa’s are being rejected by the home office for minor reasons,once the spouse has paid the best part of £1000 for the visa which is non refundable he then gets told that an appeal can take up to a year,and he will have to pay for this to,the government are putting up obstacles and changing the rules almost daily so they can keep their net migration figure down to create political credit,in the mean time thousands of UK citizens who have lived here their whole life,who may have met their spouse while working or travelling abroad are forced apart so David Cameron and Teresa May can say their figure for immigration is 3% lower.
Please add any news and stories about family migration to the UK .


9 thoughts on “Stop David Cameron and Teresa May destroying UK families”

  1. I am British citizen and I pay tax!
    However, aren’t I paying for the EU who come to this country and get benefits. What’s the difference??
    Although I am care worker which is a skilled job which qualifies a qualification. I provide a service to the public which is only minimum paid job but why should I leave my job just to work to qualify for the threshold. It’s a bloody joke

  2. The biggest thing for me is the fact that Teresa May is breaking up families in the UK to produce improved immigration stats for the bigots of the UK in a vain attempt to win votes,these are British tax payers who happen to fall in love with a non EU national and have to have their children forced apart from the mother or the father,it truly is disgusting

  3. I’m getting married in November and I will be in the same situation as u. I want to start a family as well cause I’m at that age and my dad is very poorly ATM. My dads parents didn’t get to see his kids (us) and I don’t want the same to happen!!

  4. Well I have had to move to Europe (Ireland) to exercise my treaty rights,I missed the first year of my sons life and I was not prepared to miss another minute,we are now together as a family and are due to return to the UK shortly,I wish you luck with your situation.

  5. Thank you sooooo much. X
    I went to the talks about immigration at the House of Commons yesterday, and listening to some of the stories, it was heart breaking. Many earned more than the threshold but they were still refused a visa. It’s a joke!!

  6. Only because I liked it!!
    Went with one girl who has a support group on FB. she earns more than the threshold but was still refused, She’s married and has a baby wit her husband who lives in Tunisia. It was quite a turn out.

  7. My husband had to return to UK at the beginning of the year simply because he could no longer find work in SA. We then decided to look into applying for a spouse visa for myself so that we could move to UK only to find out the ridiculous requirements for a spouse visa. My husband is self employed and works for various companies so this is another hurdle to cross, because the new law does not make it simple for self-employed sponsors. The process and amounts of paperwork and technicalities are so disheartening. This had put tremendous pressure on us and particularly my husband as he now have to pay huge amounts of his earnings towards his travel between UK and SA…..I think the UK government has their aims on the wrong people. How can they be discriminating against UK citizens who choose to marry non-EU citizens and place an unrealistic bar on the right to a family life in your home country. This rule needs serious reconsideration as it has already lead to lots of families being broken up.

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