The Paperboy: Movie Review – An actual Paper round would be more interesting

Where to start with his movie! To begin with the cast on paper are a decent group of collective, at the same time an odd bunch to be thrown together. Whoever cast them definitely needs to take their fair share of the blame, because this project was a complete monstrosity. To me it seemed as if the actors were all out for themselves, they showed up with their own idea how things should be done and the director couldn’t be bothered to tell them any different. This is not Lee Daniels first disaster; he seriously needs to be sat down and spoken to or even better don’t hire him!

The story in short is about a reporter who returns to his home town to prove the innocence of a death row inmate.

This is how creative the plot gets; the death row victim has a pen pal lover played by Nicole Kidman and their getting married(that’s never been done before has it), but have yet to meet. So when the reporter shows up and wants to meet with the bride to be, he is present at their first encounter at the prison. The inmate is played by John Cusack who is portraying a hillbilly. You know how movies like to portray these characters, creepy and dumb!” Well, Justin Bieber would have been more believable”. What ever happened to Cusack? He had so much potential. This scene Cusack is trying to be all creepy and perverted and Kidman is doing her best Basic instinct impression with ill-effect. This scene really summarises the movie. Poor dialogue, poor screenplay, poor direction and poor me.




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