Sleepwalk with Me: Movie Review – Sweet Little Movie

This Movie is a true story about a wannabe comedian who not until later in life wakes in the middle of the night and acts out his dreams. What starts out as harmless episodes soon has the alarm bells ringing for his family and girlfriend. He insists they are under control, but what does he know! He’s sleeping at the time. He soon finds out how serious they are while on the road doing the comedy circuit. One near death experience puts his life into perspective.

This movie is both very sad and sweet. If his girlfriend in real life was anything like the way she was in the movie, then that’s the sad part, she was so lovely. She stuck by her man while he was trying to be a comedian and a bad one at that. He only becomes mildly successful when his act is about why his girlfriend annoys him so much.

I don’t think he really knew what he had until he lost it. When he asks her later in life why she stuck with him for so long, why didn’t she just dump him, she answers….”because I never wanted to hurt you”

I’m not sure If Mike Birbiglia who plays Matt is a successful comedian in the US, if so hopefully his stand-up has better comic timing than the stand-up in this movie.




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